Our racks are specifically designed for each of our customer’s components. We find solutions to the most challenging products to ensure our customers never look for an alternative source. Our engineers are excited to conquer new challenges and will work with you to ensure your products reach their destination safely.

Discover the possibilities Basin Material Handling offers using quality materials and expert engineering.

Our engineering team works with our designers from the inception of a project to the end, designing racks that meet our customers most discerning requirements.

Our skilled team of operators provide precision components for each rack.

Our racks are carefully welded by our team to create the solid structure required to carry your product.

Your rack is protected with the highest quality finishes to ensure nothing contaminates your precious cargo.

Our highly-trained assembly team bring it all together.  We assemble, test load, and inspect the racks to ensure 100% compliance.

Clients racks are stacked and packed for shipping.

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